Branding 101


What is branding ?!

Branding is much more than just a logo.

When it comes to your brand, you need to think about the overall customer experience, everything from your logo, your website, your social media presence, the way you answer the phone, to the way you serve your customers.

When you look at this broad definition of branding, it can be a little confusing to define what your brand is.

Your brand is the way your customer perceives you.

It is extremely important to be aware of the goals of the brand and the experience you want to create for your customers, the good branding is created with a well thought out and strategic plan.

Many small businesses and start-ups neglect to take the time they need to think about their brand in this broad sense and the impact it has on their business.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why branding is so important:

1. Branding makes you recognisable.

People tend to trust companies they know.If your brand is consistent and easy to recognise, it will help people choose your products or services over those of competitors.

2. Your brand helps you stand out from the competition.

In today’s global marketplace, it is extremely important to stand out from the crowd.Thanks to the Internet, your business is already competing in the global economy.

3. A strong brand reinforces the value of your business.

A good brand will increase the value of your business beyond your physical assets.Think of the brands you buy from (Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonalds), these companies cost much more than their physical assets, their brand has created value that far exceeds the physical.

The best branding is built on a strong idea it will help you be strategic and will lead your marketing, saving you time and money

If you need help with your brand, from creating your initial brand strategy to the elements of visual identity, contact us for a free consultation!

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