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Why it is extremely important to maintain brand consistency

Let’s think about the design of your logo. They are used in your business cards, promotional materials and websites. This means that your logo must be approved and legible in all three variants. This includes the correct size, file compression and colour format.

Now imagine if your logo is uploaded to a digital ad with a different shade of green than the logo on your billboard ad. Or it could be your site uses multiple fonts, but a completely different font for your monthly newsletter. This type of discrepancy is distracting. This can lead someone to question the brand. “Wait, is this  the same company?” They don’t perform very professionally. “

On the other hand, the consistent brand does not leave long-lasting impression in customers. Brand consistency makes a company look professional from less consistent brands. People naturally trust more familiar and synchronous things.

A basic rule in the marketing industry is that the customer needs seven interactions with a brand before considering a purchase. If the brand is inconsistent, then they will not be interactive and people will not recognise the brand.

Well thought branding makes consumers more engaged (to buy and share).

What is brand consistency?

If you need to summarise the brand consistency in a few words, just remember that it is by presenting “who, what and why” in your business in multiple media platforms (print, digital, social, etc.).

To have brand consistency, you first need a clear understanding of who you are, what you do, who you help, and how.

Important elements of brand identity to keep consistent:

Logo, Slogan, Colours, Fonts, Photography, Voice / Copywriting, Music / Sounds, Packaging, Signboards, Flavours (for food or drink), Fragrance (for physical location)

Examples of brands that understand the power of consistency

It is no coincidence that these are the most famous brands.

Some of my favourite examples of brands that do well with consistency are Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple.

Their constant brand image on packaging, billboards, online and in retail networks can be spotted from a mile away. Using a specific photo, graphics and fonts, these brands are easy to recognise and often do not prompt to recall the positive experience we had with their products.

How to keep your brand consistent

Professional brand book is the best way to maintain brand consistency.

Good branding includes a set of standards and guidelines that describe what a brand should look like.

Think of branding as a guide with instructions that you should use for the brand in real situations. Well-designed branding also ensures that your brand stays up to date with design trends and industry standards.

If you want to achieve success with your brand book a free consultation with us and get started.

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